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Thanks for your analysis @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi, that’s really helpful in understanding the possibilities and limitations of the new mapping feature of Agora.

I would like at some point to transform them into wishful stories/feature requests and maybe some can still be improved for the picnic, while others can be part of future improvements. The most annoying I find is the inability to search for a specific town, although I don’t know how many people really will search for a town when they are looking at a map of events. We could however probably circumvent this by adding a tag with the town, or including the town name in the event description as well.

I think altogether the maps/events in Agora offer a good starting point for organizing community events and would be great to have the Picnic as a first experience. As @jean mentioned, complementing it with a clear “contact line” via the global day e-mail for people who find problems submitting directly to it (or registering in the platform or whatever comes) should be enough to address the difficulties, while saving a lot of time to organize things.

Please remember that this is open source software with a community of developers behind. We can not only improve it, but submit our issues and feature requests to the developers of the plugin. They are usually very happy to know what their users would like to have :wink:

Hey y’all,

these are very fine considerations that I find in the document linked above. Indeed it becomes clear that we must distinguish between the functionalities and possibilities that the softwares provide that we have, and which of the specifications mean additional work to be done by us, or third-parties.

For me it would be helpful if you could share a timeline of planned preparation phases up until the picnic that outlines in which waves you wish to contact selected audiences. This relates loosely to what you stated in https://agora.degrowth.net/t/twitter-post-on-global-degrowth-day/236/7

As you can see, the case of participatory tempospatial mapping in a collaborative online environment is quite a hard nut to crack, which involves considerations around diverse functional and technical requirements, but also possibilities.

To ease the process of entering new locations/events to the categories which support such data, our belgian partners from IN COMMON are also using a wizard that guides the users through the different steps of getting their data. It is prepared to integrate with the locations plugin, and improvements are expected.

In his profile, the author of the location, events and witzard plugins states:

I’m now accepting paid gigs. Reach out to me if you’d like to add functionality to one of my plugins, or add other features to your Discourse.

If we cannot solve some of the technical difficulties ourselves, we would be able to :fast_forward: fast forward some of our requests with using the few monetary resources we have.

We can continue to develop some of the ideas here. @jean also requested a call, which he scheduled for 14.02. at 10.30. Please feel highly invited to join that occasion to talk together about this, and condense the requirements into a mutually acceptable form. From my point of view, the most important will be to distinguish between airy dreams that will remain wishes (for later developments), and concrete steps that we can implement right now.

Thanks to you all for wrapping your head around this problem-space, in so we come to define a useful and nice solution-space.

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